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By exercising effective leadership, the Domain Name Association will advocate for and represent the interests of the industry before policymakers and the public, and will inform groups, individuals, and the public at large on key issues affecting its members.

Our first action to promote education and awareness was the launch of whatdomain.org – a website that educates Internet users about domain names and the changes occuring as part of the new gTLD program.

Internet Governance 101

Historically, many involved in the technical functions of the Internet—including names, numbers, the DNS root servers, and technical standards development—viewed their activities as purely technical “administration” or “management” functions.

Internet Governance 101 (Download PDF)

ICANN Expert Working Group Recommendations on Whois

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of issues raised by the DNS community during the WHOIS and Expert Working Group (EWG) discussions and webinars held during the past many months leading up to EWG releasing their final paper to the ICANN Board.

ICANN Expert Working Group Recommendations on Whois (Download PDF)

Global Domain Name Preferences Survey

In February 2015, the DNA announced the results of a recent global survey to ascertain Internet users’ attitudes toward new Internet domain-name extensions, such as “.club” and “.global,” that are being released through ICANN’s “New gTLD Program. This Domain Name Preference study was conducted in 10 countries and obtained over 5,000 completed responses.

The survey was designed to measure global attitudes about awareness, acceptance, preference and knowledge related to domain names. Established top-level generic names and country-code names (gTLD and ccTLD) were tested along with new generic top-level names.

Global Domain Name Preferences Survey Report (Download PDF)

DNA Members have access to an array of Survey data and analysis, contact us for more information

SEO and Domain Name Best Practices

This 18-page guide will demonstrate how to evaluate and strategically select and position your domain name for search engine optimization following best practices. “SEO and Domain Name Best Practices” has been authored by SEO expert Bill Hartzer of Globe Runner in collaboration with the Domain Name Association.

Learn how to best to leverage domain name selection and content in order to achieve your organization’s SEO goals. This white paper provides a comprehensive outline for maximizing the value of a domain name as it relates to search engine responses.

Key takeaways from this white paper include:

  • Essential best practices for SEO and search engine marketing
  • Performing due diligence to avoid domain name devaluation
  • A multi-tiered approach to selecting a domain name (and avoiding the “wrong one”)
  • Evaluating, implementing and optimizing a new domain name

Download your copy today and become a part of the conversation on how to successfully leverage domain names to enhance your SEO and overall marketing strategy.