New domain extensions reached many milestones in 2015.

It’s even been suggested they’ve had their “twerking moment“. Here are some key milestones that demonstrate growth for new domain extensions:

  • New domain name extensions reached 10 million registrations (Currently we’re at 11 million – that’s one registration every five seconds).
  • New extensions were adopted by major corporate brands (notably www.abc.xyz as the web address of Google’s new holding company, Alphabet Inc.).
  • Barclays Bank was the first “Dot Brand” applicant to use their “Dot Brand” as their main web address. They can now be found at www.home.barclays.
  • The entertainment industry added a coolness factor to the new domain extensions– Kanye West introduced his Yeezy sneakers at www.yeezy.supply, and the official Hunger Games website can be found at www.thehungergames.movie.

So what will happen in 2016?

16 industry experts shared their predictions in the latest expert roundup from European Domain Centre on the new domain extensions. What impact will the Chinese market have? What will happen with “Dot Brands”? Which new domain extensions will take the market by storm?

We’ve summed up the main points in the infographic below. To read the full interviews with the industry experts go here.

16 Industry Predictions for 2016


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