By Taryn Naidu

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I couldn’t tell you how many days, years, or likely decades Rome took to construct, but I can definitely state that it wasn’t in a day. I also can’t tell you how Rome was built, which would be embarrassing if I were a historian, but fortunately I’m an engineer and CEO of a tech company, so hopefully you’ll give me a pass.

It was likely an almost-endless series of small steps forward, punctuated by small victories that felt like they were adding up to something bigger. I can say this because I believe that building an industry–in our case, the new domain extension industry–must have some parallels to the founding of that mighty empire.


Since the very first round of new domain extensions came squalling into the world in late 2013, the industry–domainers, registrars, marketers, all of us–has been watching and waiting for our inflection point. Two years later, it’s clear that there are various levels of education that need to be completed in order to achieve our big moment (I learn about new ways to apply these tools every day), which is why we will certainly celebrate all of the victories along the way.

Apple’s registration of .NEWS is a victory, just as surely as Alphabet–Google’s–recent adoption of .XYZ is a coup for the entire new domain extension industry. It’s exciting that so many of the world’s biggest and most powerful brands are starting to take notice of new domain extensions.

Domain names are functional, versatile and memorable marketing tools that are under appreciated. We want to change that. And I’d like to think that when we get to wherever it is that we think we’re going–i.e. worldwide adoption of new domain extensions leading to a more creative and expansive internet–we’ll pat ourselves on the back, maybe eat a celebratory slice of apple pie, and set our sights on new horizons. Until then, the Rightside team will continue to expand and develop the world’s understanding of the branding capabilities of new domain extensions.

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